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Answer your e-mails in 2 minutes instead of 20
Connect SupportCaddy to your e-mail, add answers to your most common questions and you will answer your customers e-mail quick, fun and simple. Get started in 2 minutes!
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The benefits of using SupportCaddy is many

Answer your customer e-mail in a new fast, fun and effective way with our customerservice tool


Your customers questions is often very similair. Our flexible and unique responsepanel makes it very easy to answer your e-mails with a simple click.

We optimized the traditional way to answer an e-mail, so you can save time.

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With statistics on what questions have been asked by your customers you know exactly what you need to update on your homepage to provide a better service

You get a "todo-list" straight from your customers. Happier customers is better business for you and your company.

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Save time and money

We built SupportCaddy when we had the need for a customertool who could speed things up while keeping the quality.

It should never feel bad to be contacted by your customers, they give you so much information for free. Every contact with your customers is good for your business.

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Happy Customer

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A few selected customers

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Fridah Reinholdsson (Lägenhetsbyte.se)

Thanks to SupportCaddy it takes us 30 minutes per day instead of 3 hours to answer our e-mail

Kent Eskilsson (Andrahand.se)

It's now fun to answer e-mail with such a simple and powerfull customertool

Robert Larsson (Roomharmony.se)

Even if we don't have more than a few e-mail per day it's very effective and "nice-to-have"

Robert Hubinette (BamBam.gr)

Our customers is superhappy with our fast and accurate answers